Where’d I Go? Updates on Bio Digital Jazz

So I haven’t posted to this blog for a little while, and figured I would check in to let readers know what I’m up to.

In addition to this blog, I have recently been doing some guest posting on other blogs. Check out these recent articles-

Bridging the Gap- Health Disparities, Health IT, and Social Media

This was an article on the intersection of these Health IT and social media, and how these tools can be utilized to help reduce health disparities. It was written for the blog #HCSMGlobal, a new blog that’s building a global movement dedicated to discussing key health issues that effect us all.

Synergy, Community and Engagement in the #HITsm Community

I posted on HL7 Standards to explain what a great resource the #HITsm community has been to me. I don’t think I would have had the knowledge or passion to pursue my new career in Health IT without their enthusiastic support. I’m extremely grateful for all the hard work of @thegr8chalupa and @jonmertz in creating such an engaged online community.

What’s Next

I have left my position as a Transcription Analyst at Tufts Medical Center, and next week I begin my new career at Forerun Systems in Waltham, Mass. I’m extremely excited to get started, as I think it will be an amazing learning experience. I will be starting out as an Implementation Specialist, working with their innovative FlexChart software including Digital Ink technology, as highlighted in John Halamka’s Cool Technology of the Week. I will most likely be assisting in developing a social media strategy, so I’m psyched to be start that as well. I may be less available for a few days while I get settled, but I plan to continue blogging here.

Thanks to all my readers and the Health IT community! I’ve found this to be a very supportive community, and I hope to continue my objective of navigating the complexities of Health IT to create Bio Digital Jazz.


About nateosit

I'm documenting my journey through the Health IT landscape, seeking to combine the disparate complexities of HIT to create Bio-Digital Jazz. My opinions are my own.
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