HIMSS Highlights

I’ve been following the #HIMSS11 action through the channels mentioned in my previous post. Here are some of the highlights and useful links that have been posted-

Yesterday, in a session on Social Media, Kenneth Kleinberg was quoted as stating “if you are social media savvy, your company has a leg up in the #Healthcare industry, esp with #ACO” This is great news for us in the HITsm community! Hopefully we will see more physicians and other providers adopting social media tools to enhance the patient experience.

When asked about the impact of negative comments Lee Aase, Director of Social Media at the Mayo Clinic, replied “the solution is dilution”. This is a concise, helpful suggestion, as anyone involved in social media knows that the best way to build your reputation is to engage with people in a meaningful, productive way.

I’ll be posting more updates as they develop, but stay tuned! HIMSS11 is a game changer

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For a full list of presentations and handouts, check out the HIMSS Handout Page


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